Some of the Services we offer

Alongside Interior Design some of the additional services we offer include custom bespoke furniture and soft furnishings and curtains made to your exact specification.

Design & Planning

We like to get involved as early as possible in your project: whether that is in the planning stages of a development or simply helping you to refresh tired spaces. 

Good interior planning can save costly mistakes, like incorrect measuring, plug locations, lighting and furniture choices.

We have years of experience, from full building developments to quick renovations so please ask about how we could help.


"Karen delivered beyond expectations, below budget and way ahead of schedule. Excellent professional competencies which I’m sure many interior designers can demonstrate however, it is her dedication and integrity that moved the whole project from functional to enjoyable. This is a family business that exhibits the best virtues of value and delivers outstanding customer satisfaction and respect. Highly recommended."

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Bespoke Furniture

We work with you... Incorporating and complementing existing furniture, sourcing new furniture and then actually making the furniture where required.  

Some examples of bespoke furniture:
Shelving and Units

Tables & Kitchens Islands

Bed frames

Headboards using custom fabrics

Measured to fit storage units


""I’m in London today looking around the flat.  What an amazing décor you have done!""

Custom Soft Furnishings

Making custom products from fabrics can allow for more flexibility and consistency in the overall design.  

There have been occasions where we have bought the fabric, had it made into curtains or cushions and then installed, quicker and cheaper than the stores that offer in house services. 

Where appropriate this allows us to use nice touches like pinch pleats, or make cushions 10% oversized to cover the width of a super king.


"Tony and Karen were very hard working!  They took the time and effort to make sure that the flat was done up exactly how I wanted...from everything to matching colour schemes to the paintings, they really paid attention to detail!!  Thanks for making my lovely new flat into a Home"

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Just Ask...

Over the years we have been asked to find solutions to all kinds of problems. 

We can help at any stage, from the spec of a new build, to up-cycling your existing furniture.


We can create unique pieces or source them, ideal for your space.


Please, just ask.