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Karen Green is an interior designer who achieves informal living by combining style, luxury and simplicity.  Tailoring each project to the tastes and personal style of the client, Karen sources and purchases home furnishings and decorative accessories from around the world.  



Brandenham Interior Grey Branch.png

Some kind words

"Tony and Karen were very hard working!  They took the time and effort to make sure that the flat was done up exactly how I wanted...from everything to matching colour schemes to the paintings, they really paid attention to detail!!  Thanks for making my lovely new flat into a Home"

"I’m in London today looking around the flat.  What an amazing decor you have done!"

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"Karen delivered beyond expectations, below budget and way ahead of schedule. Excellent professional competencies which I’m sure many interior designers can demonstrate however, it is her dedication and integrity that moved the whole project from functional to enjoyable. This is a family business that exhibits the best virtues of value and delivers outstanding customer satisfaction and respect. Highly recommended."